June 23, 2020
Dear Church Members,
Tomorrow may be one of the most important days in the life of the Body of Believers at University Baptist Church. We will have a Special Called Business meeting at 7:00 p.m. that will decide if we call Dr. David Norman Jr. to be our next senior pastor.
Attached are instructions on voting in this Special Called Business meeting. After an abundance of prayer and discussion on how to conduct this meeting, with considerations of the current environment of the pandemic, we are confident we can conduct the meeting, bringing a clear decision to the matter.
As the Chair of the Pastoral Search Committee, I want to thank you for all your prayers. The task at hand is not over, we ask everyone to continue to pray about this meeting. We ask that you pray for our pastoral candidate and his family. We ask that you pray for our church; that we seek out God’s will in everything we do.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email me, at 210-325-6898 or fcorte@ubcsa.org.
Again, thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.
Frank J. Corte, Jr.
Pastoral Search Committee
Instructions on Participating
and Voting during the June 24th
Special-Called Business Meeting
These instructions are to clarify the process in which we will conduct the Special Called Meeting as directed by the By-laws of University Baptist Church and any other laws in which the Body of Believers are subject to.
The following are the guiding provisions of the by-laws that pertain to conducting this meeting.
When selecting a Pastor, Article III, Section 1, Subsection A.2.b of the amended UBC by-laws states that “Election shall be by secret ballot. A vote of the members present shall be necessary for extending a call. Written and public notice shall be given to the resident membership at least one week prior to meeting for decision.”
Article I, Section 2, Subsection 2 states; “The will of its (UBC) membership on any subject is expressed by a three-fourths (3/4)-majority vote of those in attendance at a duly constituted business meeting.”
Lastly, Article II Section 1 states “The membership shall consist of professed believers in Jesus Christ who have been baptized under the authority of God’s word under the authority of a duly recognized church of like faith and order.”
Since the word “shall” is used we have little room for variance in the process, however we do have some abilities to still meet these requirements even during these times. So below are specific instructions to follow:
1.   We ask that all arrive a little early to assist with the timely flow of the process.
2.   Only resident members can participate in the vote tomorrow evening. To qualify this requirement, all resident members are asked to check in at the tables in the Lobby of the Worship Center to sign for a ballot. Tables will be grouped by the first letter of last name.
3.   Each member will need to sign-in on the provided sheet to receive a ballot packet. By signing in: membership status is confirmed, being present is affirmed, and number in attendance is determined to satisfy the ¾ majority vote per our bylaws.
4.   After signing in please move to the auditorium or to seating in the lobby or youth center. Each of these areas will have live-stream access. We ask, for social distancing purposes that there is no huddling or mingling during the check in process.
5.   The meeting will be conducted as outlined in our by-laws using Robert’s Rules of Order Revised. The moderator will be Chairman of the Deacons, Mr. Bill Munson. This process will allow for motions and discussion on the motions to take place.
6.   There will be stationary microphones positioned within the auditorium and lobby. During discussion on the motions you can ask questions of the moderator, or who he designates, on the motion. When discussion is closed, the question on the main motion will be called.
7.   The moderator will announce which ballot to use. You will mark your ballot with your decision, Yes, No or Abstain.
8.   Deacons will come down the alternate empty rows and collect ballots in a box. The ballots will be taken to the Counting Room to be counted and verified.
9.   During the tabulating period of the meeting, we will be led in prayers and songs to our Lord until results are announced. We will need at least 75 percent of those attending the meeting to vote “yes” to have an affirmative vote to call Dr. Norman.
10. When results are available they will be reported to the moderator. He will announce the results. Since there is not any other business before the body a motion to adjourn the meeting is in order.
For those who are “at-risk” or may have reservations about sitting in the worship center to attend this meeting, we have the following considerations. The above mentioned guidelines are still applicable.
1.   You can check-in in the lobby or have someone meet you in the parking lot with a sign-in sheet and get your ballot. You may stay in your car and monitor the meeting by tuning to 91.5 on your FM radio. We will also live-stream the sound to our YouTube channel and you can listen from a smart device.
2.   Once the moderator calls for the vote, you can return to the lobby and we will have a deacon with a ballot box there for you to cast your ballot.
3.   For those who had their ballot delivered to their car, the same person who brought you the ballot will return with a ballot box for you to cast your ballot.
4.   By following these instructions, you will be present on the church property and qualified to vote.
If you would like the above considerations, please call Frank Corte Jr. 210-325-6898.