School Supply Drive
Hello UBC. Though it may look and feel a little different this year, we are in fact gearing up for another school year. The UBC Women’s Ministry is once again sponsoring a School Supply Drive for our two neighborhood schools, Boone and Carnahan Elementary Schools. While you’re preparing for your own family’s back-to-school adventures in all their various forms, please consider picking up a few extra things. 
Here are some suggestions for regular supplies:
    • Spiral and Composition notebooks (wide ruled)
    • Crayons (12 count and 24 count boxes)
    • Markers (washable)
    • Water color sets
    • Glue bottles
    • Glue sticks
    • Plastic pocket folders with brads (prongs)
    • Pencil boxes/pouches
    • #2 pencils
    • Colored Pencils
    • Blunt scissors
    • Large erasers
    • 1.5″ 3-ring binders
    • Write-on Dividers
    • Quart sized plastic baggies
    • Backpacks (no wheels, large enough to fit folders in)
Also, I know you can imagine that when the students finally go back to on-campus learning, many things will be quite different. Teachers and students are facing new challenges, and so the counselors have a few special requests. If you are able, you might also consider donating packages of disposable masks, plastic water bottles (since the children won’t be able to use water fountains), and thermometers (for the daily temperature checks). And as always, disinfecting wipes will be in heavy use, so those are always welcome.
We’ll be collecting supplies until August 16th. If you come on Sunday mornings, you can drop your supplies in the Welcome Center of the Lobby. Look for the table and sign. During the week, you can drop your supplies in the box on the porch of the church office. 
Our community’s teachers, staff, and administrators will need your prayers in the next coming months. Let’s lift them up and help them take care of our children.
Thank you for your prayers and your generosity,
Amanda Williams and the UBC Women’s Ministry